The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hi peoples it's my Strong Sorcerer again, and I've started playing World Of Warcraft, and lately it's been really fun! I couldn't get a picture for some reason but anyways my main person is a night elf named Fangarrow (Fang Arrow) I named him that because he reminded me of a tribal guy for some reason so I gave him a tribal guy name. Anyways Colin plays it too, but anyways I'm gonna go play it now bye!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Few Comments on the Updates

Here are my opinions about the level 68 updates. First off, Sirens is way overpowered. Way too much damage, way too many effects. Second Basilisk does about the same amount of damage as rain of fire but only fire's is an aoe. Chimera is now the only level 68 spell without an additional affect ( balance hasn't gotten an additional effect since power nova). Dr. Von's Monster was better when it was called Katzenstein's Monster (just my opinion) Ice's doesn't do enough damage. And I actually have no problem with life's: Gnomes for the win! Also, why don''t they just give us the level 68 pets already and get it over with before we nag them into giving them to us.
Crowns shop updates: The henchman system has been completely ruined. Level 50 henchman are now 100 crowns that is twice the price they were before, level 60 henchmen are 200 crowns that is more than 3 times their old price, and level 70 are 400 crowns ._. that is more than five times the price they should be. I will never be buying a level 70 henchman that's for sure! It really makes me mad how kingsisle keeps making the current game more and more expensive.

-See ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

:D I'm Flipping Shaking With Excitement!

Have you heard of Zafaria? Ya you have! It is the new world that is coming out this month, complete with new spells school pets and the much anticipated school mounts (so I've heard)! There is also ging to be a level cap increase from 60 ro 70 woot! I am so pumped! If you have seen the video you'll see a certain creature known as the "chimera" inflicting life, death, an myth damage on an enemy. Does it sound firmiliar? Well I predicted some used stuff including the chimera a year ago! This post is in the link here I'm so happy right now! Oh and if you can't tell, I'M BACK BABY!

Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been a playing A LOT of Roblox lately I've been playing it actually more than Wizard101.

Incase you've been living under a rock, Roblox is an online game where you can build and play levels of all kinds!. You also have a customizable character that can wear anything from a glowing robot head to a evil looking rubber duck. Here are 2 pictures I took of me on a cart ride into a zombie and riding into an infinate void of space.

If you want to friend me look me up under people and send me a friend request to AtillaTheSean ( Colin plays it too btw).

See You in the Spiral!

Blox On!

Strong Atilla The Sean Sorcerer, ummmm that doesn't work.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Party cancelled

I can't find a good time to host so, party i cancelled until later date.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wow Sean Wow.

The party is reschedueled to saturday 9/17 same time same place same realm.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I will be hosting a party in the Krok Palace before the post is made so some people get a little sneak peek ;). I would appreciate it if many people came. It will be at 5:00 central time Saturday the 10th. the port bus will be at ravenwood in front of bartleby in wu realm area 1.
Hope to see you there!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Krok Palace Complete!

I've been kind of busy lately and now hurricane irene is making even less time for me to play Wizard101. I will make a post on krok palace some other time.
See ya in the Spiral!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housing101! Woohoo!

Hey Guys!
Today I must tell you about .........
Housing101! I have teamed up with Malorn
Ghostrider and many other far greater bloggers than I am!
Its one amazing thing there are housing lessons, tips, tricks, and best of all...
a GIMUNGO (or soon to be) Gallery of all the houses each of us created and tonight
I was just recruited as an author, and I am honored to be, soo....... my housing posts will be
posted there from here on in. :) I will still be posting as The Informational Thaumaturge though ;)

I almost forgot :) ---->

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry for the 3rd Time

I will not be posting or going on line as much, or very much, it's a mix of 3 things 1:that I'm devoting too much of my life to this game 2: I feel I'm spending too much money on it 3: there are some matters going on irl.
-See Ya in the Spiral (well, not really)
~Strong Sorcerer~

Friday, August 19, 2011

Are We The First?!!?!

Hey Guys!
WOOHOO! Got the golden wyvern and
I gifted the The Strong Sorcerer and he got Night Wyvern!
Are we the first? We got it at 12:51 EST 8/19/2011

Waiting on Wysteria

Wizard101 is down for scheduled Maintenance until 8:00 am Central time 9:00 am Eastern time. Considering that test realm is down I think Wysteria will be upon us! Along with 2 new amazing houses full of sleeping dragons, splashing, and sinking! In other new i got to ma gold yesterday! But I spent some gold buying items in the bazaar, I'm trying to make my 2 new crafted mannequins look like me and Colin. I have Colin's completed but I just need to farm Old Smokey for the look of the hood I have.

-See Ya in the Spiral! Well at 8:00 central time in the Spiral.

~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Krok Palace Just About Done and New Houses!

Another short post because I've been busy lately, well the Krok Palace should be done in a day or two and there are two new AMAZING houses to be bought for 10,000 crowns or 100,000 gold in the test realm crowns shop, the Wizard's Watchtower and Underwater Palace.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Krok Palace Might Take Longer Than Expected

Sorry, but the Krok Palace will be finished later than when I said, sorry about the short post.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Krok Palace is Almost Done!

The Krok Palace is just about done Don't be surprised if it's finished tomorrow!
Sorry for the REALLY quick post.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My New Upcoming House In Progress

Hey Guys!
I have been working on a cool new house!
It is a forsest theme and you must correctly navigate yourself
through its many turns and get to the end as quickly as you can!
here is a snapshot!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Wiziversary Vanessa EmeraldGlade!!!

Hey Guys!
You guys may already know
Vanessa EmeraldGlade from The Diviner's Lane!
Well today is her Wiziversary!
So I just wanted to say....

Happy Wiziversary!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Test Realm is Open!!!!!!!!

Test Realm went on this morning!
And guess what!!!
There's a new world called Wysteria!!!
And considering I am the Informational Thaumaturge,
here are some facts!

New Wysteria Zone

The Tower of The Helephant
*New Level 60 Area :D


Mrs. Dowager The Lady Who First Greets You 

The Spiral Cup You're Fighting For

Harry Plopper!
*Joke from a movie :D

~The Informational Thaumaturge~


Monday, August 1, 2011

Housing Theme Contest!

Hey Guys!
I have a contest proposal!
You guys come up with a cool house design and
the most outrageously awesome one wins!
Then some close friends and I will design your theme
and post tons of pictures of the outcome!
Have Fun!

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

My Wizard101 History

One day in winter we were stuck inside with nothing to do, then on the TV came a commercial for wizard101. I thought it looked really cool so i downloaded it and started playing. I was put into the school of life and I named my wizard Sean Dragonflame, at this time Grizzleheim was the latest update. I played and played, I ended up being level 33 at counterweight west in Marleybone! Then i stopped playing and eventually stopped my membership. A long time later (about three years) I logged on again after seeing the news of that pet update, but i couldn't race pets so i stopped again. Eventually after playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online I saw that Commercial again. This time my family had bought a new better computer, so I needed to download it again. Again I named my wizard Sean Dragonflame and started a new adventure with a new wizard and new goals. Colin had also played about three years ago and we weere still a duo back then (I was the one who convinced him to start playing it). I was in Mooshu when Colin decided to start playing again, but unlike me he used his old wizard who was in Krokotopia. he was so eager to catch up to me he completed all of Marleybone in one day! I then helped him get to my pointin Mooshu and since then we did the rest of the Worlds together. We both beat Celestia at level 59 (that was stressful) and we scrambled around like eggheads ( get it scrambled egg-head yeah, maybe I over explained a bod joke) looking for quests and eventually both got to level 60!
I also have a few tips for players just starting out.
-Focus on health! Defence would also be good but health is the thing you should ficus on the most
-For people at level 50-58 don't focus on critical! You won't always go critical either way, and if your doing un-bladed spells hoping for a critical to kill them there's not a high chance of that happenning and your low health (because you focused on critical not health)will be the death of you.
-Train a pet! Their abilities will help HUGELY.

See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Boy!

Today I teleported to Travis Titanthief to meet two awesome people, one of which had an the best pet ever!

Look at that! Keeping you from taking too much damage while also healing you from the small amounts of damage you'll take while receiving tower shields! The most i can say is... I want one!

See Ya in the Spiral!

~Strong Sorcerer~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Balance Level 58 Pet Complaint

Strong Sorcerer here, just listing some complaints of the level 58 balance pet mixes. The thing is, there are no balance looking mixes. With every other pet it has different hybrids that are easy to get. Take wyvern for example: Scarecrow: tundra Warden Humongofrog: Frost Hopper Kraken: Ice kraken now judgement: Humongofrog/ forest lord/ scarecrow: astral judge Phoenix/ wyvern/ kraken: Fiery judge. it's not very fair now is it. here's what I think could fix this problem: Judgement+ Kraken= Thunder Judge. This would be a judgement with yellow and purple wings and a purple dress with yellow storm patterns down it's dress. Judgement+ wyvern= Citrine Wyvern. A brown wyvern with a large scale print on it's back, It would be brown with an light orange mane. Judgement+ Scarecrow= Harvest Master. A scarecrow with orange scale prints on a brown robe. And lastly Judgement+ Humongofrog= Scale Jumper ( could have a different name). Basically a orange and brown humongofrog With one Dark orange scale print on it's stomach.
I hope Kings Isle will consider this.
In other news i just got open chat today!

See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Isaac Stormflame

Isaac is a friend I've had for a while. Thing is, today we just found out that we both run Blogs!
Isaac has a really cool and quite popular Blog called Balancing Act.
To view his blog click ->

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Maze... of Evil!

Today I was at Travis Titanthief's maze house.

It is truly evil! I couldn't even make it past the first part!

~Sean Dragonflame~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Blogger Team!

Today I went on a Wintertusk farming fest, with three other bloggers (from left to right: Me, Blaze Shadowhorn, Malorn Ghostrider, and Mark Stormhunter). We made those trolls run back to their caves where they will again attempt to make a wyvern ommelette.

On a random note, here's a random picture of Malistaire!

I just think it's cool.

Cya in the Spiral!

~Strong Sorcerer~

Friday, July 22, 2011

1,000 Pageviews

We have passed the 1,000 pageviews mark! Thank you everyone whi helped us get there!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost 1,000 page views!

As you can tell from the title we're approaching 1,000 pageviews! I temporarily added a pageview gadget just so you can see how far you're getting us!
Sorry for the short post.
See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Krok Palace

I've been thinking of a cool theme for a house for a while and I finally found it *drum roll kicks in* Krok Palace! Think about it, what world gives more furniture than Krokatopia? None (or so I think)! It's going to be a secret for now, but it's gonna be made in my Sultan's Palace.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Sorry, Again

Sorr for not posting, I went on 2 vacations. :D
See Ya in the Spiral!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Brand New Header!!!

Hey Guys!
Today I am going to ask all of your opinions
on our new header!
Please leave a comment or check one of the boxes below for your opinion!

Down Arrow Clip Art

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KI Free Games!!!

Hey Guys,
Today I will be talking to you about things you
can get from the KI Free Games site.
The first thing I will show you is the

Blue Raptor!:

The advice that I would give you is to try Doodle Doug. Try your
hardest and you may get it your first try.

The next item is The Fog Unicorn!:

This ferocious beast gives the spell Darkwind. Advice to
obtain this fearsome creature is yet again, play Doodle Doug
but, use the girl character. Strangely, that last fact was humorously
tested by The Strong Sorcerer and he was able to collect this pet first try.

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

I'm Back!!!

It's been awhile cause I just haven't been able to come up with anything to post,
but............................................ Now I'm Back! And there will be many more posts
from here on out! :) I found a lot of things now and I am ready to share them with you
one at a time! Please enjoy this wizard101 collage of pictures! :)

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fairy Wings, a Soulhunter, and the Leprachuan is Gone!

Recently I got $50 worth of crowns. I got the orange fairy wings :). and lots of other stuff i've always wanted to get. Such as the patriotic leprachuan that is now gone from the crowns shop. I also got the evil sandman. Also, I have been working on an alternative Wizard. I'd like you all to meet Sean Soulhunter level 8 Necromancer!

Not a very high level yet but this guy has potential! Potential I tell you!

See You in the Spiral!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Fairy Wings!

Hi, Strong Sorcerer here. First of all we have seven followers now! Thank you followers! Anyway, Wizard101 released new fairy wing mounts. I might get the orange ones.

See Ya in the Spiral!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Most Confusing Furniture Item in Wizard101

The most confusing item by far is the wooden torch.See how it's in the wall item slot. There is also a bubble above it in the furniture slot but not when you put it down.

That's how it looks in the game. Notice how it is not on the wall (and also tightly cropped so you don't see my house).

P.S. Talon Nightshade asked me what I use for my pictures. I just use sandard paint for cropping screen shots.

See Ya in the Spiral!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ravenwood Ball

The Ravenwood Ball blew my mind!
There were so many famous wizards there! Such as, Bailey Skystaffand Thomas Lionlood!

It was a great party, can't wait 'till next year!

See Ya in the Spiral!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Ravenwood Ball Look

Feast your eyeballs upon what is and always (for now) will be my Ravenwood Ball look!

See you there!

See Ya in the Spiral!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sorry about not posting for a while, I'll try to post more from now on.
-See Ya in the Spiral!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Any Questions?

Hi,Strong Sorcerer here. I thought it would be cool if I made a post where you can leave your comments asking questions about the game. Well, you read the text so go leave some questions in the comments.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
Sean Dragonflame

Sunday, June 5, 2011

101 in Wizard101

Hey guys, Strong Sorcerer here.

This is just a quick post saying...That's right, I hit 101 power pip chance a few days ago!If your a level sixty Balance wizard and you want 101 power pip chance, just get these items.

-See ya in the Spiral, Sean Dragonflame

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Wintertusk Journey So far...

Recently, The Strong Sorcerer and I have been venturing through Wintertusk!
We met with the "Grandmother of The Spiral"

We've been making trades with Nordri's brothers.

We met a really cool Ice-lookin' dragon!
and so far this is where we are at....
One more thing...
This is Cosmo!
You may have noticed him in the previous screenshots!
He hatched yesterday and he is already
at adult they grow up soo fast...

P.S: In one of my earlier posts of Cosmo (before hatching)
says the Ice Wyvern pet hatches in 17 hours
Correction: It's the same hatch time as the others 21 hours

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Our Journey in Wintertusk

Hey everybody Sean Dragonlame here coming to say... hi!

Oh yeah, and by the way me and Colin Iceblade have been completing wintertusk! I got my level 58 pet!

We met up with a nose-picking giant.

I had some confusing fun with a raven named Ketil Blackheart

and in the end... oh umm that is definately NOT a picture of an ice dragon eating colin's wyvern pet heh heh...
How did that get in there!? I mean, that is NOT a picture of that same dragon eating Colin.

This message is 100% Dragon Approved!

See You in the Spiral

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My level 58 pet!

Recently today, The Strong Sorcerer and I ventured through
Wintertusk. He and I finally recieved our level 58 pets!
Here are some Fun Facts about the Ice Wyvern pet:
  • Most of them take 21 hours of hatch time
  • The Ice Wyvern is one of the few acceptions to the first fact
  • The Ice Wyvern takes 17 hours of hatch time
  • The Ice Wyvern egg was rescued from the life of an omlet

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wintertusk in Live Realm!

Wintertusk arrived in the live realm yesterday so put on your helms hor caps or hats or whatever yours is called and go stop them ravens once again! (By the way the second you beat Grizzleheim now you will get a tutorial tip saying "Grizzleheim is in trouble once again!"
See You in the Spiral

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our New Name!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed our new name!
We composed this new name because well... lets face it our old one didn't really stick.
So me and The Strong Sorcerer came to the agreement of what our new name should be.
The Balenced Blizzard!
We're really excited to hear you guys' opinion of the new name soo..
Let us know below!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mysterious Composer Arrives in Test Realm

If you have been to the test realm lately you will see a new temporary NPC, the mysterious composer! I wonder how he got that WWE belt. Anyways, he has added a new feature to Northguard. Once you get to Northguard he has nothing to say to you but his trumpet vines want you to listen to something, new music!
See ya in the Spiral!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Actual New Look

Hey guys, many of you already know that my
wizard name is Colin Iceblade, well I've got a new look
that most of you can now see me around the spiral as.
Let me know what you think.

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Minion Spell?

We've all seen these sort of minions before right...
But some higher levels have probably wanted some stronger minions. So...

Ta Da! It's me! Haha I hope you all got a good laugh!

~The Informational Thaumaturge~
(Colin Iceblade)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My New Look?

I was traveling in the Test realm when I definately started looking like an ice student.
I found humor in a lot of this, but at the same time I thought "Ya know... this is kind of cool." Until...
I came to discover I had a shark fin the size of  my head... yeah...
(It also wiggles like a shark fin)

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Test Realm News!

Ok, so probably many of you have seen the wizard101 clip for roaming mounts and level 58 pets! Well the Test Realm has been open for the past few days now. One of the new releases is Wintertusk!!! Along with Wintertusk is new Level: 35 & 55 spells!! There will also be the return of Crab Alley! One thing some wizards may enjoy is Wand Stiching, which will also be a new update at the release of Wintertusk.

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Second Death Tree?

Have you ever been to Dragonspyre Academy and seen the only other full tree besides Ashly? Well, if you haven't he looks like this.

Cool right, maybe he'll show up later in a future world to teach you some new death spells. That is if you live through your first encounter.

See ya in the Spiral

-Sean Dragonflame

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Power Pip Amulets in Live Realm!

If you look in the crowns shop you'll see some new items such as the minigame objects, the new amulets and...

the Bunny Costume

See Ya in the Spiral

-Sean Dragonflame