The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Few Comments on the Updates

Here are my opinions about the level 68 updates. First off, Sirens is way overpowered. Way too much damage, way too many effects. Second Basilisk does about the same amount of damage as rain of fire but only fire's is an aoe. Chimera is now the only level 68 spell without an additional affect ( balance hasn't gotten an additional effect since power nova). Dr. Von's Monster was better when it was called Katzenstein's Monster (just my opinion) Ice's doesn't do enough damage. And I actually have no problem with life's: Gnomes for the win! Also, why don''t they just give us the level 68 pets already and get it over with before we nag them into giving them to us.
Crowns shop updates: The henchman system has been completely ruined. Level 50 henchman are now 100 crowns that is twice the price they were before, level 60 henchmen are 200 crowns that is more than 3 times their old price, and level 70 are 400 crowns ._. that is more than five times the price they should be. I will never be buying a level 70 henchman that's for sure! It really makes me mad how kingsisle keeps making the current game more and more expensive.

-See ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

:D I'm Flipping Shaking With Excitement!

Have you heard of Zafaria? Ya you have! It is the new world that is coming out this month, complete with new spells school pets and the much anticipated school mounts (so I've heard)! There is also ging to be a level cap increase from 60 ro 70 woot! I am so pumped! If you have seen the video you'll see a certain creature known as the "chimera" inflicting life, death, an myth damage on an enemy. Does it sound firmiliar? Well I predicted some used stuff including the chimera a year ago! This post is in the link here I'm so happy right now! Oh and if you can't tell, I'M BACK BABY!