The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Wintertusk Journey So far...

Recently, The Strong Sorcerer and I have been venturing through Wintertusk!
We met with the "Grandmother of The Spiral"

We've been making trades with Nordri's brothers.

We met a really cool Ice-lookin' dragon!
and so far this is where we are at....
One more thing...
This is Cosmo!
You may have noticed him in the previous screenshots!
He hatched yesterday and he is already
at adult they grow up soo fast...

P.S: In one of my earlier posts of Cosmo (before hatching)
says the Ice Wyvern pet hatches in 17 hours
Correction: It's the same hatch time as the others 21 hours

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Our Journey in Wintertusk

Hey everybody Sean Dragonlame here coming to say... hi!

Oh yeah, and by the way me and Colin Iceblade have been completing wintertusk! I got my level 58 pet!

We met up with a nose-picking giant.

I had some confusing fun with a raven named Ketil Blackheart

and in the end... oh umm that is definately NOT a picture of an ice dragon eating colin's wyvern pet heh heh...
How did that get in there!? I mean, that is NOT a picture of that same dragon eating Colin.

This message is 100% Dragon Approved!

See You in the Spiral

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My level 58 pet!

Recently today, The Strong Sorcerer and I ventured through
Wintertusk. He and I finally recieved our level 58 pets!
Here are some Fun Facts about the Ice Wyvern pet:
  • Most of them take 21 hours of hatch time
  • The Ice Wyvern is one of the few acceptions to the first fact
  • The Ice Wyvern takes 17 hours of hatch time
  • The Ice Wyvern egg was rescued from the life of an omlet

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wintertusk in Live Realm!

Wintertusk arrived in the live realm yesterday so put on your helms hor caps or hats or whatever yours is called and go stop them ravens once again! (By the way the second you beat Grizzleheim now you will get a tutorial tip saying "Grizzleheim is in trouble once again!"
See You in the Spiral

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our New Name!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed our new name!
We composed this new name because well... lets face it our old one didn't really stick.
So me and The Strong Sorcerer came to the agreement of what our new name should be.
The Balenced Blizzard!
We're really excited to hear you guys' opinion of the new name soo..
Let us know below!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mysterious Composer Arrives in Test Realm

If you have been to the test realm lately you will see a new temporary NPC, the mysterious composer! I wonder how he got that WWE belt. Anyways, he has added a new feature to Northguard. Once you get to Northguard he has nothing to say to you but his trumpet vines want you to listen to something, new music!
See ya in the Spiral!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Actual New Look

Hey guys, many of you already know that my
wizard name is Colin Iceblade, well I've got a new look
that most of you can now see me around the spiral as.
Let me know what you think.

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Minion Spell?

We've all seen these sort of minions before right...
But some higher levels have probably wanted some stronger minions. So...

Ta Da! It's me! Haha I hope you all got a good laugh!

~The Informational Thaumaturge~
(Colin Iceblade)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My New Look?

I was traveling in the Test realm when I definately started looking like an ice student.
I found humor in a lot of this, but at the same time I thought "Ya know... this is kind of cool." Until...
I came to discover I had a shark fin the size of  my head... yeah...
(It also wiggles like a shark fin)

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Test Realm News!

Ok, so probably many of you have seen the wizard101 clip for roaming mounts and level 58 pets! Well the Test Realm has been open for the past few days now. One of the new releases is Wintertusk!!! Along with Wintertusk is new Level: 35 & 55 spells!! There will also be the return of Crab Alley! One thing some wizards may enjoy is Wand Stiching, which will also be a new update at the release of Wintertusk.

~The Informational Thaumaturge~