The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

Sunday, July 29, 2012

See ya Wednesday

I'm going on vacation until Wednesday.  See you then!

~Strong Sorcerer~

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little news.

I decided to train my Brave Hound a bit and he got spritely on his first try, nice!  I also got the lute wand from the Hydra's Hoard pack and the attack is a power slide guitar solo.  Here's a pic!
Cool right?

-See ya in the Spiral!
~Sean Dragonflame~

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time to be brave.

If you enter the code brave on the Wizard101 website you'll get a bravehound pet with the same pedigree as a level 58 pet!  This ends when July does so don't wast time.  So just enter the code BRAVE as if it were a gift card.
-See ya in the spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maybe I Was Wrong...

After making my post about how I was leaving, I took time to read back on my earlier posts and I realized that I missed Wizard101 a lot and I decided to return to the spiral!  Using the $10 I made from mowing the lawn, I'm getting a month of membership.  I also got the world's most beautiful and poetic comment from Destiny the Traveler that reads:Sean, I respect your decision to leave, but know that you will be missed. I, if not we, really do hope that you will go far.
Keep Traveling. Life's path not only gives opportunity, but it can lead you away from things as well. Stay on it and you'll do just fine. 
Have a good one,

That almost  brought a tear to my eye.

For once I will actually see you in the spiral!
-Sean Dragonflame

P.S.  Destiny we need to meet because you're the one who inspired me to return to the game.  Your comments have also given me a lot of inspiration to go on.

Edit:  I will also throw that krok palace party later.

Goodbye Spiral.

I've had some good times with Colin Iceblade, Mark Stormhunter, Talon Seagem, Malorn Ghostrider, Travis Titantheif, and my close cousin John Darkblade.  It's been a good run but after the losses of some family members and the loss of a pet I got depressed and lost my motivation to play.  I've played Everything from Poptropica to World of Warcraft and had a blast doing it.  I've found a lack of interest in the game and noticed that the worlds became more and more repetitive and the cheating bosses have gotten more plentiful making for a stressing experience in the new worlds.  I've also found balance was getting A LOT of disadvantages that the other schools weren't getting (i.e. level 58 pet hybrids).  I'll be leaving the Spiral.  I might not come back, I might come back later.

See ya in the Spiral (not really)

~Strong Sorcerer~
~Sean Dragonflame~