The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

The Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Krok Palace Complete!

I've been kind of busy lately and now hurricane irene is making even less time for me to play Wizard101. I will make a post on krok palace some other time.
See ya in the Spiral!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housing101! Woohoo!

Hey Guys!
Today I must tell you about .........
Housing101! I have teamed up with Malorn
Ghostrider and many other far greater bloggers than I am!
Its one amazing thing there are housing lessons, tips, tricks, and best of all...
a GIMUNGO (or soon to be) Gallery of all the houses each of us created and tonight
I was just recruited as an author, and I am honored to be, soo....... my housing posts will be
posted there from here on in. :) I will still be posting as The Informational Thaumaturge though ;)

I almost forgot :) ---->

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry for the 3rd Time

I will not be posting or going on line as much, or very much, it's a mix of 3 things 1:that I'm devoting too much of my life to this game 2: I feel I'm spending too much money on it 3: there are some matters going on irl.
-See Ya in the Spiral (well, not really)
~Strong Sorcerer~

Friday, August 19, 2011

Are We The First?!!?!

Hey Guys!
WOOHOO! Got the golden wyvern and
I gifted the The Strong Sorcerer and he got Night Wyvern!
Are we the first? We got it at 12:51 EST 8/19/2011

Waiting on Wysteria

Wizard101 is down for scheduled Maintenance until 8:00 am Central time 9:00 am Eastern time. Considering that test realm is down I think Wysteria will be upon us! Along with 2 new amazing houses full of sleeping dragons, splashing, and sinking! In other new i got to ma gold yesterday! But I spent some gold buying items in the bazaar, I'm trying to make my 2 new crafted mannequins look like me and Colin. I have Colin's completed but I just need to farm Old Smokey for the look of the hood I have.

-See Ya in the Spiral! Well at 8:00 central time in the Spiral.

~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Krok Palace Just About Done and New Houses!

Another short post because I've been busy lately, well the Krok Palace should be done in a day or two and there are two new AMAZING houses to be bought for 10,000 crowns or 100,000 gold in the test realm crowns shop, the Wizard's Watchtower and Underwater Palace.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Krok Palace Might Take Longer Than Expected

Sorry, but the Krok Palace will be finished later than when I said, sorry about the short post.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Krok Palace is Almost Done!

The Krok Palace is just about done Don't be surprised if it's finished tomorrow!
Sorry for the REALLY quick post.
-See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My New Upcoming House In Progress

Hey Guys!
I have been working on a cool new house!
It is a forsest theme and you must correctly navigate yourself
through its many turns and get to the end as quickly as you can!
here is a snapshot!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Wiziversary Vanessa EmeraldGlade!!!

Hey Guys!
You guys may already know
Vanessa EmeraldGlade from The Diviner's Lane!
Well today is her Wiziversary!
So I just wanted to say....

Happy Wiziversary!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Test Realm is Open!!!!!!!!

Test Realm went on this morning!
And guess what!!!
There's a new world called Wysteria!!!
And considering I am the Informational Thaumaturge,
here are some facts!

New Wysteria Zone

The Tower of The Helephant
*New Level 60 Area :D


Mrs. Dowager The Lady Who First Greets You 

The Spiral Cup You're Fighting For

Harry Plopper!
*Joke from a movie :D

~The Informational Thaumaturge~


Monday, August 1, 2011

Housing Theme Contest!

Hey Guys!
I have a contest proposal!
You guys come up with a cool house design and
the most outrageously awesome one wins!
Then some close friends and I will design your theme
and post tons of pictures of the outcome!
Have Fun!

~The Informational Thaumaturge~

My Wizard101 History

One day in winter we were stuck inside with nothing to do, then on the TV came a commercial for wizard101. I thought it looked really cool so i downloaded it and started playing. I was put into the school of life and I named my wizard Sean Dragonflame, at this time Grizzleheim was the latest update. I played and played, I ended up being level 33 at counterweight west in Marleybone! Then i stopped playing and eventually stopped my membership. A long time later (about three years) I logged on again after seeing the news of that pet update, but i couldn't race pets so i stopped again. Eventually after playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online I saw that Commercial again. This time my family had bought a new better computer, so I needed to download it again. Again I named my wizard Sean Dragonflame and started a new adventure with a new wizard and new goals. Colin had also played about three years ago and we weere still a duo back then (I was the one who convinced him to start playing it). I was in Mooshu when Colin decided to start playing again, but unlike me he used his old wizard who was in Krokotopia. he was so eager to catch up to me he completed all of Marleybone in one day! I then helped him get to my pointin Mooshu and since then we did the rest of the Worlds together. We both beat Celestia at level 59 (that was stressful) and we scrambled around like eggheads ( get it scrambled egg-head yeah, maybe I over explained a bod joke) looking for quests and eventually both got to level 60!
I also have a few tips for players just starting out.
-Focus on health! Defence would also be good but health is the thing you should ficus on the most
-For people at level 50-58 don't focus on critical! You won't always go critical either way, and if your doing un-bladed spells hoping for a critical to kill them there's not a high chance of that happenning and your low health (because you focused on critical not health)will be the death of you.
-Train a pet! Their abilities will help HUGELY.

See Ya in the Spiral!
~Strong Sorcerer~